Organising committee

A/Prof Jake Lynch,

Director of CPACS

Prof Kevin Clements,

Otago University and

Secretary General of IPRA (consultative role)

Dr Wendy Lambourne,

Academic Coordinator, CPACS 

Dr Lynda Blanchard,

Lecturer, CPACS 

Prof Frank Hutchinson,

Adjunct Professor, CPACS

Leah Chan and Lyn Dickens,

Administrative Assistants, CPACS 

Dr Hannah Middleton,

Executive Officer,

Sydney Peace Foundation


Ann el Khoury &  Lindsay Mell,

CPACS Council Members

Annabel McGoldrick

Special thanks for web design 




Sydney, Australia, 6- 10 July 2010

Every two years, the members of the International Peace Research Association meet at their global conference to:

  1. Bulletassess conflict and peace building in the world;

  2. Bulletdiscuss the state of the art of peace research;

  3. Bulletplan future research, and

  4. Bulletinfluence the practice and decision-making of violence prevention and peace building.

The conference is made up of plenary sessions, which focus on specific issues that continue to influence the peace and conflict process significantly, as well as panels and roundtables organised by IPRA’s Commissions and Working Groups, plus special events.

Themes for plenary sessions:

Opening address by Patrick Dodson:  ‘An unreconciled Australia can never sleep easy at night: prospects for peace and reconciliation in the 21st Century’.

Plenary 1 (Tuesday late morning): Intervention and the ‘liberal peace’ model

Plenary 2 (Tuesday afternoon): Keynote address by Professor Johan Galtung: Communicating Peace, abolishing war: roles and responsibilities of peace studies and peace research.

Discussant: Larissa Behrendt

Plenary 3 (Wednesday morning): ‘A safe and peaceful world means abolishing nuclear weapons’

Plenary 4 (Wednesday afternoon): ‘Power, poverty and peacebuilding’

Plenary 5 (Thursday morning): ‘Globalisation: a force for peace?’

Plenary 6 (Friday morning): ‘Environmental justice and human security’

Plenary 7 (Friday afternoon): ‘Peace journalism and media activism’

Plenary 8 (Saturday morning): ‘Art as medium in a message of peace’

Plenary 9 (Saturday late morning): ‘Human rights advocacy – a challenge to peace research’.

On the afternoon of Saturday July 10th, the final afternoon, the conference agenda opens up to peace groups in our own community:

What do activists need and want from peace research?

  1. Bullet Advocates of peace journalism and media activism, offered by the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Sydney;

  2. Bullet Activists for Palestinian human rights, facilitated by the Coalition for Justice and Peace in Palestine;

  3. Bullet Campaigners against militarism, facilitated by the Australian Anti-Bases Coalition.

Main conference venue: Footbridge Theatre, University of Sydney, at square C14 of the map

View the conference poster here.

Online payments have now closed, please pay at the registration desk in the foyer of the Footbridge Theatre

Download the full conference schedule at a glance here

This IPRA conference is immediately preceded by the Global Meeting of the TRANSCEND Peace and Development Network, also at the University of Sydney.

For more on the last conference visit ipra2008

For more on the hosts visit CPACS

All enquiries to Jake Lynch

Communicating Peace

CPACS Director Jake Lynch chairs a session at IPRA 2008, Leuven